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Some useful Bash one-liners

I’ve collected a few useful Bash one-liners and want to share them with you. Unfortunately this idea came to me very late and many snippets I’ve written so far were lost. But I will try to collect new ones and publish them.

Iteration over another program result

for i in `curl http://...`; do echo $i; done

Iteration with variable creation

arr=(`grep smth file`); for i in ${arr[@]}; do echo $i; done

Previous examples will split result by whitespaces (if you don’t change $IFS) but you can iterate line by line using this command

while read -r line; do
    echo $line
done < <(grep smth file)

Find substring in JSON

echo "\"foo\":\"111\",\"target\":\"OK\",\"bar\":\"222\"" | sed 's/.*"target":"\([^"]*\)",.*/\1/'

Take value of 10th column, remove trailing comma and print value if it’s greater than 1000000

echo "2014-09-26 15:40:58,780 type=UploadToDefault, stage=payloadInfo, duration=0.034, sha256=..., md5=..., media-type=image, content_length=1922695, mime-type=image/jpeg, success=true" | awk '{ split($10, arr, "="); str=substr(arr[2],0,length(arr[2])-1); if ((str+0) > 1000000) print str }'

Rename files with the same name in all subdirectories

for subdir in *; do mv $subdir/file.txt $subdir/file2.txt; done;

Rename files without loop

ls | xargs -n1 -I % mv %/file.txt %/file2.txt

P.S.: amazing tool

To be continued…

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