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Report for November 17-30

A couple of months ago I got an idea to stop working and do some self-education in subjects like literature, philosophy, history, math and physics. And I’ve made it. Two weeks ago I quit one of the best russian IT company, Yandex. Trying not to relax I decided to study every day on weekdays, to run in park every 2-3 days and to maintain a report in Google Docs.

Some useful Bash one-liners

I’ve collected a few useful Bash one-liners and want to share them with you. Unfortunately this idea came to me very late and many snippets I’ve written so far were lost. But I will try to collect new ones and publish them.

How I filter posts in my Jekyll blog

Some time ago I decided to write a part of my blog in english. There already were a few articles written in russian, thus I needed to apply some filtering mechanism to separate they into different pages.